Information Can Only Help You Unless It's Bad Information

A buyer or seller today is empowered with sometimes, too much information. Unlocking the information is key. Additionally your source of information is so important. When the information suites our particular situation, we invest in that source and have a hard time relying on alternative facts. A great example of this is the valuation of homes from the internet sources. When we are selling we want our home value to be high as possible and that source is gospel. When we are buying a house we want that source to be low. Sorry, we can’t have it both ways.
Below is an example of one random property I pulled to show you how skewed 3 different sources can be for the same property. What’s missing? What’s missing is the human factor. An algorithm cannot see the neighborhood or the gas station nearby or the condition of the home. Everything is based on facts and not the human factor. Is it the prized neighborhood in town? Is there a shack next door? Is here a railroad track running behind the house? Has the home had a million dollar renovation? Is inventory low and price is king? Could the neighborhood be changing and current facts override historic price per sqft? These factors can change the value of a home considerably. So, at the end of the day start your fact finding on your own to get an idea of what is going on with that particular home or neighborhood and then get an agent that truly knows the neighborhood, the history and the FACTS! Get the human factor!


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