Meet Susan Ward

A creative collaborator at heart, Susan coalesces smarts, strategy, and seamless communication to bring a fresh approach to any enterprise. A lifelong Epicurean who formerly owned and operated restaurants in Washington DC and Virginia, the East Coast native segued a thirty-year career in corporate sales, management, and consulting into a thriving real estate career in 2014.

Known to approach real estate from a business perspective, the Virginia Tech alumni is an outlier in the industry who views buying and selling from a uniquely progressive perspective. Bolstered by a product design background and certified by the American Lighting Association, she has a natural gift for evaluating properties and helping clients envision potential enhancements. It’s no wonder that she successfully purchased, managed, and completed numerous builds from the ground-up. Driven by a palpable passion for helping people realize their real estate dreams, Susan is truly in her element when collaborating with clients.

Sue took over the sale of our property after we had not been successful with another agent. She did research on our property prior to meeting with us, which really i...
John and Denise Carey
We had interfaced with Susan when she was a listing agent for high end homes in our area. We were extremely impressed with her honesty and straightforward communica...
The Stanley-Weiner Family
Susan was our agent for a design build project. Her knowledge of the build process was exceptional and she helped us secure additional features/amenities that were n...
The Goushe Family


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I empower buyers and sellers to understand the value and potential of a property and position them to realize the best return on their investment.
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